Why Advertise?

Business owners look to Stephens Media Group when:

– Frustrated that sales and revenue aren’t as high as they should be.
– Discouraged at not being able to attract a specific prospect or customer.
– Struggling to find the right advertising message.
– Tired of losing customers to a competitor.
– Fed up with advertising that doesn’t work.

Stephens Media Group gives businesses access to our audiences:

– on air (radio)
– on line (web & email)
– on site (live broadcast)
– on-the-go (mobile streaming).

Clients of Stephens Media Group repeatedly do business with us because our approach to advertising is much different than what you’ll typically find:

– We care more about making you #1 with our audience than convincing you we’re #1 in the radio market.
– We care more about how much your customers buy from you than how much advertising you buy from us.
– We care more about turning shoppers of your product or service into buyers of your product or service.
– We care more about making small businesses win because we are a small business that wins.

When businesses advertise a compelling offer on Stephens Media Group’s platform of stations:

– Customer activity picks up
– Sales increase incrementally
– Branding happens
– Customer bonding occurs
– Bottom line increases

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134 Mullin Street | Watertown, NY 13601

Welcome To Stephens Media Group

Stephens Media Group is a privately owned company that uses the power of radio and digital advertising to generate revenue for local businesses. We do this by communicating the right message, to the right audiences, so businesses can start seeing new customers right away!

Watertown, New York

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